International RNG Day 2024:

June 25th

What is RNG?

RNG stands for "Random Number Generation".

We often need numbers that are Random, for everything from games to encryption. RNG Day is an opportunity to learn more about Random Number Generation, and to have fun with it!

Suggested RNG Day Activities:

  • Learn more about random numbers!
  • Play games with dice (or other RNG)!
  • Build your own random number generator!
  • Use random numbers to create something!
  • Do something random!
  • Is the International RNG Day date random?

    The date is random! Each year's date will be randomly selected during the previous RNG Day.

    Because the date is random, it may coincide with dates of other observances and events, please be respectful of these and the people who observe them.

    RNG Day dates:

    2019May 27th
    2020February 28th
    2021November 20th
    2022December 15th
    2023April 21st
    2024June 25th
    2025July 11th